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True/False Film Festival

Thursday, March 12th, 2009
The True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO was truly a great experience. 

It was 4 days of nothing but documentaries and interesting people. The opening of the festival began with a Mardi Gras like parade which took us to the grand ballroom where food and drinks were served. The whole community comes out for the event. When talking with  festival director David Wilson,  I asked him about the elaborate trees that adorned the hall. He explained that volunteers had been working for months on weekends to have them, and all the other decorations ready for the festival. I was really impressed at the amount of care that went into everything. 

What I liked most about True /False was it’s laid back atmosphere. David summed it up in an interview when he said, “Most important advice I find myself giving filmmakers coming into T/F is to relax. They’re not going to make a sale (though they may make some good friends). They don’t need to stand out on the street and hand out postcards (their screening will be full already). They don’t need to constantly be texting people from a party to see what else is going on – that’s it. That party. It’ll probably be a good one, so just enjoy.” His words rang true. 

The films and panel discussions were great.  Our audiences again stayed for the Q&A’s and kept us for at least an hour after each screening. People again could not stop talking about the film. I was able to meet fellow filmmakers and network with industry professionals in a relaxed setting and have actual conversations. The festival was more than just a festival and the standing ovation and wild cheers of over 1000 for festival directors David Wilson and Paul Sturtz at the closing night film affirmed that. Attached are some pictures. 

Next stop is the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival on Thursday, April 2nd and the Beverly Hills Film Festival on Saturday, April 4th. If you have friends and family in the Raleigh/Durham, NC or Los Angeles area, please have them come see our film.


Justin talks on The BXR Morning Show with Simon and Leslie. 

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